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15th May 2014

Hey everyone, so presently we are sitting at around 13 confirmed clans within our Alliance.
They range in size  however they are mostly comprised of medium size storm clans.
We are not looking to be the largest or strongest alliance. Our goal however is to provide a larger play area (vIa the rail system and dark sectors) for all our Clan members and Alliance Members alike. 

That being said we have "bumped heads" and exchanged some harsh words with a few other Alliances and Clans so be on the lookout for people trolling or acting like assholes. Remember my clan members don't take shit from anyone. if you have an issue, fuck them up!!  If all else fails, let me know and we'll roll on some motherfuckers lmfao

Furthermore, I shall update this post @ a later time to include all our current Allied clans and estimated member size. Should anyone have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact me!

as always, Have fun, Kill stuff, and i'll see you guys out there !!

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30th May 2014

Good to know we're growing!

Who is it that we have a hate on for? Curious to know who to look over my shoulder for.
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