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Joined: 31st Mar 2014
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31st Mar 2014

Hi, a newbie player here. Which warframes have you guys crafted/got? Which is your favorite? I have Loki, Volt, Rhino and Vauban. My Frost Prime is currently in the oven baking.
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Joined: 17th Mar 2014
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31st Mar 2014

Nice choices Jonathan. I currently have ember prime, rhino, mag and nekros. Rhino is by far my favorite only because it's a tank on it's own. Debating if Rhino Prime will be worth it or not.
Joined: 15th Mar 2014
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31st Mar 2014

I have Excalibur, Oberon, Frost Prime currently working on Rhino Prime and Vauban but so far Oberon only because Frost Prime is new lol
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Joined: 31st Mar 2014
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31st Mar 2014

Nice. Nekros is kinda hard to get since Lephantis can be a pain in the butt to kill.
Joined: 31st Mar 2014
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31st Mar 2014

Vauban is a fun warframe. He turns ODD into a piece of cake with Bastille and Vortex. He a lil squishy though. A few hits from an ancient will take you down.
Joined: 13th Mar 2014
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2nd Apr 2014

Nice guys!!

I have Ash, Excalibur , Oberon, Banshee, Nekros, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime.
As for my fav, they all have their merits.

I used to say Oberon was my all time fav, and though he is my go to character when i'm not leveling. I think that will soon change to my Rhino Prime as he's simply a gigantic force of tenno nature.

Excalibur is the one warframe however i wish i never played. Terrible for a starting character- if i hadn't realized how to make other warframes i never would of fell in love with the game lol

I still think they should add in the option to make your own warframe,So i can take pieces from certain warframes I.E legs,arms,torso and combine them into one awesome looking character. Say it can equip any warframes abilities, however only has a starting shield/health of like 120/125.
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Joined: 16th Mar 2014
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5th Apr 2014

My mastery is ranked 5 and I have Excalibur, Oberon, ASH and Rhino Prime.

ASH is prob the most fun warframe ive played yet. He is awesome at being stealth and hidden. Shade works best with ASH and I use the deadly dread bow, supper charged. My mods are Serration rank 7, Shred Maxed, Metal Augler Maxed, Cyro Maxed, Speed Trigger Maxed and bow mutation. I think I put posion on there too I forget lol.

Rhino Prime is badass tank but he does run into trouble with walkers ive notice, and if your not using Rhino skin active they will drain your shields very very fast. With ash ill do a smoke screen for all heavy units which puts them in a daze like Excaliburs just with less smoke, then I go around and chop everything into little chunks. Ooooooo yea. Warframe is my crack!

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