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Dark Sectors and Rail systems
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15th May 2014

Hey guys, due to the new update there has been some confusion as to how Alliances, and the Rail system work. So I have taken the time to construct this brief memo outlining the basics.

Rail systems - These rail systems can be built in 2 ways. Alliance rails (built in any clan's lab and can be used by any clan in the alliance) and Clan rails (only built and used by our specific clan) These Rail systems are built and then deployed to various Dark Sectors located on each planet.

Dark sectors - Are areas which we deploy the built rail systems to,  In order to Deploy any Rail system to a Dark sector a few conditions must be met. 
1) Have available rails to deploy (Alliance or Clan)
2) No controlling clan/allaince in that Dark Sector
3) Sector free of cooldown period (happens when a clan battle has just taken place/completed)

It is also important to note that only 2 clans can battle via Rail system at a time. After the battle has completed (no more than 48hrs) there is a cooldown period (mentioned above) After this time, another clan is allowed to challenge the Clan presently controlling the Sector.

Alliances -  An alliance is a formation of several clans under one banner. Each clan retains their own identity and dojo. They are able to build, recruit, and function otherwise normally with one difference, they now have the ability to recruit other un-allied clans to our Alliance. All clans inside of the alliance also have access to Alliance chat function which is a larger member base comprised of all alliance members. Here you can buy,sell,trade, and seek assistance from other clans inside our alliance.

That pretty much does it for the basics, if I missed anything or anyone requires further info please contact me or post here. Ty


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