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Clan Update
Zombie Response Team 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Mar 2014
Important Update:

99% of all available Clan Research is completed. Which is great news! That being said, we are about 60 Oxium away from 100% completion. So lets not slow down now. Remember the Clan is going live in just a few days and we need that Oxium, so lets continue working together and donate all available oxium to the Zephyr Research projects available in Clan Dojo.

As per my post in our Forums, all active and existing first 10 members will receive variations of our Elite Rank clan titles. This is the only way to receive these elite ranks so don't miss out, play and work with your fellow Tenno! Check out my post in the Forum section for more info.

Resources Required:

As the before mentioned excerpt suggests, its Oxium. 60 away from Zephyr and all project completion so if we all just donate 10 we're in the clear! Please work together and complete this goal! As its the last requirement before we go live!
There may also be some Mutagen Samples required however they are of less concern at the moment.

Minor Update:

The Clan emblem has been updated in game. We have reviewed it and while it is nice, its not perfect. So we will work with WF admin and get this corrected, with all probability the improved version will be visible in the NEXT update. However for now at least its up and functional. Plus it still looks cool lol

Thats all for now Tenno, check back for more updates later, Thanks for choosing us and we hope to see you out on the battlefield! 


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