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Clan Introduction


Greetings, and Welcome Tenno.

Here you will find general information about our glorious clan, a break down of our current Clan Dojo, as well as some future plans. We ask that you bear with us as construction of this page, and our clan is constant. Thank you for your continued support. 
Please enjoy.

About Us

We are an Elite Warframe Clan specifically playing on the Playstation 4 Console. We started out with the goal of being a tight knit community of friends, and in that respect we have succeeded.  However we want more, we want to be spread worldwide, we want to take our friends list international and have members across the globe. Friends and allies on every continent. Brothers and Sisters in arms all connected.  We take everyone,  if you just want to play with friends, definitely join us. Maybe you want to learn more about the game, yup join us. Perhaps you want to farm,  right again- Join us.  Noob , Elite, or somewhere in between we have a spot for you.

Dojo Info

Our Clan Dojo is composed of 3 Main parts. The Research and Development Wing (R&D), The Clan Common Area, and the Ceremonial Hall.

The Research and Development wing is your key to the newest Warframes, Weapons, and Mods. You will find all the blue prints in each of their respective labs, all in one consolidated wing. Perfect for easy access and easy memorization.  Here in the R&D wing you will also find the Obstacle course- Great for stretching your legs and improving your personal warframe skills. It is here that all members are encouraged to donate resources. Resources can be donated by selecting each individual research project within each individual lab, followed by selecting the type of resource, then finally the amount of selected resource.

The Clan Common Area is possibly where you will spend most of your time, its your place for all other things related to warframe. Here you can trade with other Members/Tenno, Duel fellow clan members and friends, Chat with other members and friends, strategize and plan your next mission, or just relax and have a good time in one of our Theme rooms.  Feel free to invite friends and non-members to this area of the Dojo. All are welcome.

The Ceremonial Hall is a place of great honour, located above the rest of the Clan Dojo this area is reserved for the high ranking members of the Clan. On occasion new members will be brought here to be introduced.  During major events or Clan meetings lower ranked members may be provided access, at which point all required members will be alerted with a message specifying their attendance is required within the Ceremonial Hall.

Future Plans/Expansion

Our future plans involve massive expansion, we are looking to boost the number of members we have, as well as the size of our Clan Dojo. We presently have enough stock piled resources to complete the Moon Barracks Room (1000+Clan members) However we would like to complete our 3rd and 4th floors before upgrading passed 50 members, as with each upgrade Research costs AKA more resources are needed. Ergo to keep costs down and speed up the process of expanding our Clan  we ask all Members, New and Old to Donate as many  Resources as possible. Members who contribute an abundance of resources will be granted high rank status within the clan.

In regards to the before mentioned 3rd and 4th floors, they are presently being constructed by myself and our top ranking members. The 3rd floor will contain more reactors to power our dojo, additional theme rooms, and possibly a large Clan Event area with enough dueling areas to host our own tournaments. In addition, the 4th floor will be solely dedicated to our top ranking members, each elite member will receive their own room for completion and customization.

Please keep in mind that changes are constantly being performed to better assist the clan in what it needs, so while this information is up to date and accurate it may differ slightly in game from time to time. We thank you for your understanding.


Your rank within the Clan will be determined by what you put in.  The more resources you put in, the more events and alerts you participate in, and ultimately how much time you spend with your Clan-mates will all go towards raising your rank. Raising your rank comes with additional perks/benefits. So make sure you're involved!

At this point in our Clan, the Ranking system is as such:

Elite Adviser
Elite Enforcer 
Elite Officer
Senior Officer

This is ranked and sorted by level of importance and is the active chain of command. Top Rank being founder, lowest rank being a member. In order to rank up within the Clan donations of resources and play time are required, for more information see above statement or contact me directly.


Should you require any additional information please navigate to the Contact Us Tab and send us a message. We look forward to hearing from our members!